Checklist for evaluating Outsourced Financial Accounting companies

How do you evaluate your financial accounting company?

There are a number of very good reasons why you might be thinking of outsourcing your finance department or certain functions within your finance department, some of the ones we more commonly hear are;
1) Want to free up time for self
2) Tired of doing everything yourself
3) Not able to hire someone full time
4) Don’t want to hire someone on a payroll
5) Need more expert financial analysis for growth
6) Want someone who can provide future focused forecasting.
7) Help you with cost savings, investing better and make more informed decisions.

When is the right time to outsource your finance function?

Outsourced Finance Department

Running a start-up, small- or a medium-sized business is a lot of hard work. You are bound to be caught up in a multitude of business processes which can make it tough to focus on the core vision of your company. A key mistake most entrepreneurs make is not asking for help on time. Delegating certain jobs offer key advantages to you and your growing team. The number of hours in your day are not growing as rapidly as your business, so it is important to sit down and identify what areas of work that does not offer any key competitive advantage to your business.