Jonathan Carling
Jonathan Carling


I started Sanay in 2015 with a vision to make bookkeeping more efficient but more importantly more effective. Ensuring businesses going through significant growth have important management information available is a key objective for Sanay. I've ensured that Sanay work as partners to their clients in many areas of business but primarily in financial management, quite simply we don't communicate with clients once a year at the end of the year but instead get involved in their business and help in real time, not 12 months later.

I'm personally a Chartered Management Accountant and a Xero Certified Advisor and have also built Sanay up to be a Silver Champion Partner with Xero utilising many Xero add-ons for clients to ensure that their finance function works for their business. I have a passion for business and particularly technology, online business and integrating multiple software into one coherent ecosystem to support business success.

Today, as we build capacities across Sanay we are increasingly well placed to help small and medium-sized IT Software Services and Consulting businesses. We understand the business processes and are adept in the management of their Outsourced Finance Department. We begin with understanding what their vision and goals are, and after a deep review into their current financial situation, we are able to help them take business decisions and invest wisely, something that helps aid growth in the long-term.
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