An Easier, More Accurate Accounting Process

Accessible & Transparent

Accessibility isn’t just about having the information available to you when you want it. It also means being able to digest and, understand the analysis of your information as well as being able to draw intelligent business decisions from that information. With Sanay and Xero, your books are accessible whenever YOU need them. Instead of complicated, eye-numbing spreadsheets, all of your information is presented through simple and easy to manipulate dashboards and we’re there whenever you need us to take care of things and help you understand how the numbers look, what they mean and how that information can be used to improve the success of the business.

Scale Without Adding Staff

Your business fluctuates; experiences curves and you are striving constantly to grow. Sanay and Xero provide back-office bookkeeping, accounting services and a financial controlling program that don’t require additional employees, you can spend more of your time simply focusing on actually growing the business. Costs are lower, personal involvement is less, transparency is more, independent checks for data accuracy and your end result is a fully-integrated, easy to understand, and malleable accounting process for your IT and Software business that fits your needs today AND tomorrow.

Growth Focused Services

Wouldn’t it be great to understand your company’s financial situation in real time without having to process every minute detail yourself? With Sanay and Xero, your accounts are updated as payments arrive, immediately reconciling against your General Ledger. This means no more waiting for month-end close to see if you are experiencing challenges with cash-flow or your AR management. Real-time analysis means real-time problem-solving. No blind-spots from your finance department. Lose the complications and gain control. At the same time, receive analysis and inputs as the market situation changes to help you invest wisely and enable your business to grow.