Outsourcing as a Growth Catalyst: How UK SMEs Can Focus on Core Business Functions

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When you are trying to find the right growth strategy for your business, it is easy to focus on controlling every part of your organisation by yourself. From marketing to HR and finance – you can do it all…. But can you, really?

Focusing too much of your energy on your business's daily running can quickly waste the creative time you should spend identifying new cash flow opportunities or target markets.

So what can you do? 7 in 10 British businesses choose outsourcing to tackle their issues!

Here’s how outsourcing can help fuel your SME growth.

Why Is Outsourcing Key to Your Growth Strategy?

While businesses vary in their preferences, with some opting for outsourcing and others favouring in-house management of all functions, it's important to recognize that in an environment where cost pressures are steadily increasing, outsourcing can emerge as a strategic avenue for sustainable business growth.

Scaling up with Ease

Capacity can often be a significant concern when growing your SME efficiently. While increasing your sales and cash flow can seem to be the main focus, ensuring that your growth rate is sustainable and that you can manage the booming demand is crucial. Without this, you set your company up for failure.

With the help of external partners, business owners can ensure that they can rapidly grow with the demand without losing sleep. Outsourced teams can be downsized or upsized with short notice, ensuring you can adjust services according to your growth strategy.

Access to Expert Skills

Recruiting top-tier experts for your team can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, and the onboarding process is just the beginning! You also need to upskill your staff and constantly update software and hardware, both of which are costs that quickly add up.

So, how can you fight it? 70% of companies list cost reduction as a reason why they outsourced one or more of their functions.

With an outsourced team, you no longer need to monitor the latest regulations and tools. External advisors dedicate their careers to keeping your business current and finding the right tools and solutions to battle your problem. Save the cash and reinvest in your growth!

Giving You Headspace

Running a business involves a multitude of tasks, including managing payroll, executing marketing campaigns, following up on invoices, handling HR data, addressing IT challenges, and much more. With days that seem to fly by and an ever-expanding to-do list, it's challenging to carve out precious time for strategic planning.

Keep your worries at bay and focus on your overarching strategy. Look after your customer relationships, experiment with new ideas, and find the right balance for your growth strategy. Let your external advisor handle the monotone work!


Finding the right growth strategy is crucial to the success of your business. And, outsourcing can be a vital element of this.

Don't get dragged into the illusion of doing it all by yourself! External financial partners like Sanay can help you to succeed in managing your core processes while you can focus on building your business.

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